Are new dream lenses coming for the RF mount? [CR1]

are new dream lenses coming for the rf mount cr1

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We all have dream lenses that we want Canon to make, most of which never will be. There is now a crazy rumor from Canon Watch about two such lenses that haven’t appeared on our RF mount roadmap.

The first rumored lens would be an RF-S 33mm f/1L USM, which is basically a 50mm lens for APS-C sensors. While the idea would be pretty desireable, Canon never made “L” EF-S lenses, and we’re not sure if that’s going to change with the RF-S mount.

The second lens is an RF 70-300mm f/2-4L IS USM. I don’t even know what to say about this rumor. I don’t think there would be a market for such a lens. We think that once you reach the pricepoint that this lens would sell for, variable aperture wouldn’t be well received. Who knows though, Canon can always do new and interesting things.

We don’t have a lot of faith in this rumor, but stranger things have happened.

Besides the Canon RF 1mm-1000mm f/1L IS USM Macro Tilt-Shift Pancake, what is your dream lens that will likely never happen?

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