Bridge Camera or Digital SLR?

Should you get a Bridge Electronic camera or a Digital SLR? Is changing from a bridge video camera to a DSLR an upgrade – or are they simply different? There are arguments for and also against both of them and a lot of it relies on that you are and also exactly what you such as since all digital cameras take fantastic high quality photos.

I like the small nature of bridge cameras (and small cams for that issue) but personally I find them complicated compared to a DSLR. Yet that's me!

In this video clip I'm going to try with a Canon G10 offered to me by a good friend and also see exactly how I obtain on with it as compared to my old Nikon D300 DSLR. And don't forget – I'm not into 'technology' – I just wish to see how simple it is to get the picture I see in my head out with my arms as well as into the camera.

Mike Browne