Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera HB24, Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback System, White

Hello there Infant HB24 mobile video baby monitor is an ideal addition to your baby's baby room or bed room.

Enhanced 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology with array up to 960 ft.
Improved 2.4 Ghz FHSS technology to prevent crossed signals and signal leave. The screen has an array approximately 960 ft and also out of variety caution, allowing you to walk around your home or yard openly.

With 2.4 inch Color LCD Screen as well as 950mAh Battery Receiver.
The receiver has full-color 2.4 inch display to reveal real-time video clip and also audio. It has 950mAh battery integrated lasting for 8 hrs with screen-on.

Immediately Infrared Night Vision.
Feel confident knowing you could see your infant day and night, consisting of over night, with automated evening vision.

Space Temperature Monitoring.
The transmitter is geared up with a temperature sensor which is reported on the receiver's display. You can make certain that it never gets as well warm or as well chilly for your baby.

VOX Mode.
The screen becomes rest after 1 min with no audio in transmitter side if you switch on VOX setting. It will certainly on instantly with sound activated in transmitter side. Receiver works more than 12 hrs with VOX on. You could concentrate on your working or sleep well with VOX on.

8 Lullabies & 8 Levels Alarm.
Lull your baby to copulate among 8 polyphonic lullabies or comfort him/her when he/she wakes up. Alarm system to advise you to feed the child in 8 levels setting.

Sound Activated LED Indicator & Two-way Talk.
A row of LEDs on receiver allows you to recognize the voice of your baby signaling you if he/she is sobbing when you have the volume declined. You also could debate to your infant to comfort him/her using talk button when he/she is weeping.

Frying pan & Tilt.
Turned aroud 360 level, up & down 120 degree. You can put it in anywhere and also change the angel as you want.

Expanding to 4 Cameras.
One receiver be coupled with 4 video cameras.