Industry News: Nikon plans to have 50+ Z-mount lenses by 2025

industry news nikon plans to have 50 z mount lenses by 2025

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Canon recently let it be known that they plan to release 32 RF mount lenses by 2026, which seems to be a very aggressive approach to the system. Not to be outdone, but Nikon has now come out and said that they plan to have 50+ Z mount lenses by 2025 in their latest investor relations release.

More than that, Nikon also plans to put more resources into their video features for content creators. Nikon’s place in this segment has always been thought of as weaker than offerings from Canon and Sony,  Whether that’s fair or not is up for debate.

Nikon’s current plan

  • Concentrate management resources in high value-added products and mirrorless cameras(Meet expectations of professionals and hobbyists and raise ASP 20%)
  • Bolster the Z mount system by expanding the lens lineup (50+ lenses and a 2+ lens attach rate)
  • Appeal to video creators by strengthening video functions
  • Strengthen remote operation and automatic image capture features to meet professional needs
  • Focus on licensing business

It should be interesting to watch Canon and Nikon renew their rivalry over the next few years.

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