New Delkin CFe Card to Launch Thursday, to Be R5’s Fastest Yet

new delkin cfe card to launch thursday to be r5s fastest yet

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Delkin lent us a new CFexpress Type B card, to be released later this week, which our tests show to be the fastest card yet for the Canon R5. The new Delkin Black 325 GB card shot 325 images in 30 seconds, edging out the previous title holder, one of the newer Angelbirds.

Video shooters will be pleased to hear it managed heat well enough to allow our R5 to shoot 8K video for the full 29 minutes 59 seconds without overheating.

The card will retail for $430 starting on Thursday. The comprehensive CFexpress Type B review will be updated shortly to reflect this cards results, as well as one or two additional new ones currently under testing.

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