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Leica R6.2 35mm SLR Film Camera Overview/Review

A look at the Leica R6.2, Leica's last manual exposure mechanical film camera produced from 1992 to 1997. Not mentioned is the diopter adjustment or the eyepiece shutter next to the viewfinder. The ISO/battery check button also activates the exposure meter.

Nikon FE2 35mm Film Camera, MD-12 & SB-15 Overview/Review

A look at the Nikon FE2 produced from 1983 to 1987. Also includes the MD-12 motor drive and SB-15 flash unit.

Nikon F55

A quick look at my Nikon F55 film camera, great film camera to try if you are used to DSLRs because the controls are similar.

Loading an Auto advance 35mm SLR camera F401s

Jim Maginn The Zen of Photography 3 Loading an automatic advance 35mm SLR.

Nikon F 35mm Film Camera Overview / Review

A comprehensive look at Nikon’s 1st SLR camera. The video shows all the controls and features as well as it’s use with an electronic flash and different lenses.

How to load a 35mm camera (SLR)

A short and simple tutorial how to load a 35mm SLR- Camera. This applies to the older generation of cameras with a rewind knob. Stop at particular sections to see film positions etc. Take your time and practice. And you will shortly will be the super pro of loading a 35mm! Shot with a Nikon […]

Nikon FM2 SLR 35mm Film Camera Review

Review of the Nikon FM2 SLR 35mm Movie Cam

Quality digital photos with old SLR cameras?

Question to digital photographers: Would certainly it be terrific if somebody would certainly create an affordable gizmo that allows for digital images with our old SLR video cameras? Any concepts?

35mm Minolta X-700 SLR Film Camera (ASMR)

Once in a while I enjoy going out with an old 35mm SLR movie video camera as well as running a roll of film through it. The noises of these mechanical marvels, paired with the easy rate of landscape photography, is a recipe for relaxation. So unwind as I fill up a Minolta X700 with […]

Canon EOS Series Digital SLR Cameras Full Review

Canon EOS 20th Anniversary Canon EOS Series Digital SLR Cameras Full Review – Canon EOS 400D – Canon EOS 1D Mark II Digital SLR – Canon EOS 1V 35mm – Canon EOS 20D – Canon EOS 3000V Digital SLR – Canon EOS 350D – Canon EOS 40D – Canon EOS 450D SLR Digital – Canon […]