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Manual Controls for Shooting Video with the Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera

This video was produced by Tonal Vision for our videographers who occasionally need to use this camera. However, we are also making it openly available to others who may find it helpful. Instructor: Frank Tybush Videographer/editor: Jacquie Greff

My Camera Settings for… STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

First part of a series of videos where I want to share the settings I use for my different types of photography… The first episode: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

Making a digital back for an old SLR by Chung Dha

Making a digital back for an old SLR by Chung Dha

Adhere to as well as like us on our Facebook Web page For additional information please website this article: Check here for an examination footage directly out of this video camera configuration showing the DOF with a 28mm f2 lens. Find a lot more intriguing things on my site And please rate as well as […]

Using an old SLR lens on a mirrorless camera

This week we take a look at bringing a photography relic into the contemporary age by using a traditional Olympus OM lens on a Micro Four Thirds body. Keep in mind that this kind of lens can be mounted on other mirrorless electronic camera systems as well as on modern DSLR cameras in addition to […]