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Photography Tutorial: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

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Cine-Style Lenses VS Still Photography Lenses

Josh highlights the differences between shooting video with cine-style lenses and still photography lenses in this comparison video.

Nikon F 35mm Film Camera Overview / Review

A comprehensive look at Nikon's 1st SLR camera.

The video shows all the controls and features as well as it's use with an electronic flash and different lenses.

Canon EOS Series Digital SLR Cameras Full Review

Canon EOS 20th Anniversary Canon EOS Series Digital SLR Cameras Full Review – Canon EOS 400D – Canon EOS 1D Mark II Digital SLR – Canon EOS 1V 35mm – Canon EOS 20D – Canon EOS 3000V Digital SLR – Canon EOS 350D – Canon EOS 40D – Canon EOS 450D SLR Digital – Canon EOS-1D Mark-III – Ultra Sonic Electric motor – Image Stabiliser – USM – EF Lenses – Electro Optical System EOS.