Fixing Lens Problems on a Digital Camera (lens error, lens stuck, lens jammed, dropped)

This video provides a step-by-step description of techniques to repair the most common problem for digital cameras, the dreaded "lens error". This problem goes by many names, depending on the camera manufacturer. Some other names for this problem include for Canon Powershot and Nikon Coolpix "lens error", Sony Cybershot "access error", Kodak Easyshare "lens obstructed",and […]

Photography Tutorial: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

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Creative Photography which lens to use

We show you a range of different lenses and the effect they have on your subject.

Tips on Buying a D-SLR digital camera

Paul Ahr, imaging expert and photographic and camera guru, gives great tips to taking better pictures!

Identifying a camera lens mount

Camera Sensor Size Explained

Every single digital camera has a digital sensor of some sort, expensive cameras have large sensors and the cheapest cameras tend to have the smallest sensors available. In this video we discuss how sensor size influences your photos & videos so you can easily decide whether upgrading to a more professional camera is worth it […]

Nikon FE2 35mm Film Camera, MD-12 & SB-15 Overview/Review

A look at the Nikon FE2 produced from 1983 to 1987. Also includes the MD-12 motor drive and SB-15 flash unit.

Bridge Camera or DSLR?

People who want to up their game in photography may want to upgrade their equipment. After leaving the typical compact camera a decision emerges: which type of camera next? One way to go is to use a bridge camera, the other way is to move straight onto a DSLR. This video compares the two and […]

The Angry Photographer: How to CHECK USED LENSES before buying! Saving you $$$

The Angry Photographer: How to CHECK USED LENSES before buying! Saving you $$$

Nikon D50 Demo