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Creative Photography which lens to use

We show you a range of different lenses and the effect they have on your subject.


The all new H6D-50c is the latest generation of Hasselblad’s integrated digital cameras and has been redesigned from the ground up to incorporate the very latest technologies. AdoramaTV had the opportunity to test and shoot with the camera so watch and learn more. Related Products at Adorama: Hasselblad H6D-50c Medium Format DSLR Camera Photos by […]

DSLR Camera Modes explained

In this weeks lesson, we go over DSLR camera modes, when to use them, and what they do. We explain how shutter priority, aperture priority, program, and manual mode work, and how best to utilize them. Subscribe to keep up with Newtography and get free lessons each week.

Technical Camera Intro

This video serves as a short intro to the Phase One A-Series technical camera. For more information, visit www.megapixelsdigital.com

RED ONE Camera Tutorial II

This is our second tutorial concerning the exposure setup for the Red One camera.

Lesson 8.1 – White Balance in the camera (Photography Tutorial)

I this lesson we will be talking about white balance (color balance) and learning how to set different white balance modes including a custom white balance using grey card. Music: Kevin MacLeod. (Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”)

How to load a 35mm camera (SLR)

A short and simple tutorial how to load a 35mm SLR- Camera. This applies to the older generation of cameras with a rewind knob. Stop at particular sections to see film positions etc. Take your time and practice. And you will shortly will be the super pro of loading a 35mm! Shot with a Nikon […]

Pentax 645Z Preview: 51 Megapixel Medium Format Camera, sort of affordable!

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How To Select A Digital SLR Camera

Trying to find a tutorial on How you can Select A Digital SLR Camera? This handy educational video clip discusses precisely how it’s done, and will certainly help you get proficient at electronic cameras buyers guide. Enjoy this useful video from the world’s most detailed collection of free factual video clip content online. Subscribe! Take […]

Photo 101: How to Understand Digital Camera Sensors: DSLR, Mirrorless, Full Frame, APS-C, Cell Phone

Picture 101: How to Understand Digital Camera Sensors: DSLR, Mirrorless, Full Framework, APS-C, Cellular phone Register for this totally free 11 day mini-video program. There are a lots of various cams on the marketplace today. You have everything from a DSLR to Mirrorless Cam to chopped sensing units as well as cell phones., yet exactly […]