Using the Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTI DSLR – Media Technician Steve Pidd

This overview shows the primary functions of the Canon EOS 400D. Use this to remind on your own of capability while outside of college performing coursework.

Covers basic features and also advanced functions, consisting of cam settings, white equilibrium, metering as well as continuous shooting.

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0 Power
.17 AF Things & Using Shutter Button
.48 Manual Focus
1.08 Auto Settings
1.22 P Setting
1.33 TV Mode
1.48 AV Setting
1.57 M Setting
2.12 Movie Speed
2.19 White Equilibrium
2.29 Transforming Emphasis Mode
2.55 AF Point Choice
3.18 Metering
3.45 Flash Compensation
4.04 Photo Playback
4.16 Downloading and install Pictures
1.18 White Equilibrium
1.29 Photo Effects
1.35 Brightness & Comparison
1.38 Recording High quality
1.43 Video Picture
1.50 Movie Speed/Exposure
1.57 Playback
2.09 Transfer