Weekly dPS Photography Challenge : Nature

Hello! Welcome to another week of the dPS Weekly Photography Challenge, I was on a call this morning and everyone was heading off for a long ‘4th of July’ weekend, I’m in Melbourne, Australia, so I’m not prone to BBQ’ing and blowing stuff up (someone on the call’s words, not mine haha) and I thought, well I’d like to get out into nature for MY weekend, and so I thought no, let’s not make it 4th of July themed, let’s make it NATURE themed this week. Any aspect of nature, your best nature photo – it MUST be taken for this challenge though.

Some stunning examples below! Be inspired by them, even if your ‘nature’ is your local park!

Use the hashtag #dPSNature in your post, do the best you have with what you’ve got, ask for help from the community if you’re out of ideas, ask in the comments, ask in our private group.

10 Ideas for ‘nature photography’ in your back yard!

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Updated: July 2, 2022 — 3:00 am

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